The Meditation Year

The Meditation Year: A Seasonal Guide to Contemplation, Relaxation, and Visualization.

Jane Hope

ISBN 1-58017-427-2

Amazon link


Month 1—begins with body

Body and mind-sitting like a mountain-taking your seat-establishing the posture-flight from the shadow-meditation in the Buddhist tradition-

Meditation 1-equanimity

2—joining body and mind by the breath

Coming home to yourself-the foundation of practice-breathing-meditation in the Hindu tradition-

Meditation 2-using the breath as focus

3—coming back to the center

Becoming centered-the mandala-

Meditation 3-centering on the hara


Month 4—walking meditations

Awareness in action-awareness through walking-meditation in motion-informal walking meditation-the labyrinth-

Meditation 4-formal walking meditation

5—relaxation meditation

unwinding tension-chakras-kundalini-meditation in the Christian tradition-

Meditation 5-relaxation

6—going beyond limitation

spaciousness-letting vastness into your meditation-milarepa and the demons-

Meditation 6-opening

Insight gradually develops into wisdom and compassion—

Month 7—contemplative meditation-developing kindness to yourself-extending loving kindness to others-nowness and helping others-

Meditation 7-loving kindness

8—taking delight in the senses-using your senses-sense perceptions-making a shrine or altar-Taoist meditation

Meditation 8-sense perceptions

9—mantra meditation-choosing a mantra-simplified mantra practice-well-known Hindu and Buddhist mantras-the heart’s wisdom-the use of mantra in contemplative traditions

Meditation 9-mantra practice


Month 10—concentrate through visualization-stabilizing your meditation-concentration meditation-visualization on light-balancing concentration and warmth

Meditation 10-concentration

11—upon reflection-visualization-tara (the embodiment of compassion)-finding the way forward (looking for a teacher)

Meditation 11-tara visualization

12—personal assessment-arousing energy-raising energy (short practice)-finding the way forward (organizations that offer meditation)-the year’s close

Meditation 12-raising energy


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