Serenity in Motion: Inner Peace: Anytime, Anywhere

By Hamed Saber

Serenity in Motion: Inner Peace: Anytime, Anywhere

Mary O’Hara

ISBN 0-446-69085-6

Amazon link

Mary O’Hara says that

“When we stop resisting and struggling against the parts of our life that we believe we can’t abide, and instead investigate our reactions, attachments, thoughts and feelings, we have a greater chance of achieving and living in serenity. Whenever you are confronted with something that bothers you, practice not shrinking from it. Engage the curiosity that brought you to pick up this book and others like it, to look inside yourself and see what’s there. Anytime you become aware that you are searching outside yourself for answers, turn your focus around and look within.”

“There are a few main themes or threads running through Serenity in Motion. They are:

1) Embrace whatever it is that pains you

2) Lessen the tight hold you have on people, places, and things; good and bad

3) Just breathe

4) Expect nothing

5) Keep a positive attitude

6) Cultivate a sense of gratitude

7) Pay attention and

8) Practice, practice practice

“In the end it is up to you to meet each moment as it arrives—

with honesty, integrity, and an open and willing heart. This is the key to serenity. This is about accepting that each new moment is just that—new. And that no one moment can be duplicated exactly. This will give you a fresh start, a new opportunity to reinvent yourself every moment and live fully and completely, aware and awake, present in the magnanimous now.”

Serenity in Motion is a primer for learning how to approach the world without reservation, fear, or self-imposed impediments. It is a tool to use while you train yourself to rely on yourself. Carry it with you, refer to it, and take the suggestions. Try new ways of looking at situations, of communicating with others, of seeing the world.”


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